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DVD's: French

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Death in Venice

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From the novel by Thomas Mann

La Commune (Paris 1871)

Directed by Peter Watkins 2010

Icarus Films

La Vie En Rose

Produced by Alain Golman [2007]

Written by Olivier Dahan, Isabelle Sobelman

Directed by Olivier Dahan

Boudu saved from drowning/Boudu sauvé des eaux

Directed by Jean Renoir 2002       

Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie

Janus Films [2000]

Serge Silberman presente un film de luis Bunel

Scenario de Luis Bunuel avec la collaboration de Jean-Claude Carriere

Un film produit par Serge Silberman

Mon Oncle

Coproduction Franco-Italienne Film del Centauro et Cady-films 2001

Collaboration Artistique Jacques Lagrange, assiste de Jean L'Hote

Un film de Jacques Tati


A film by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud 2008

Belleville rendez-vous

Noticing that her grandson, Champion, is a lonely little boy, Madame Souza buys him his first bicycle. Years go by, and with Madame Souza putting him through his paces, Champion becomes worthy of his name. Now, he is ready to enter the world's most famous cycling competition, the Tour de France.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

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Based on the novel by Chris Greenhalgh

La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc = The passion of Joan of Arc

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Dramatization of the life of Joan of Arc centering on her trial and execution

Le Million

Filmsonor : Janus films [2000]

Camille Claudel

Directed by Bruno Nuytten [2007]

The Barbarian Invasions

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     Produit par Denise Robert, Daniel Louis 2003

Of gods and men

Un film de Xavier Beauvois 2011


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A co-production of Direction de la Cinematographie Nationale 2005

Director and screenwriter, Sembene Ousmane

La Grande Illusion

Jean Renoir 1937

The red balloon

Double-bill of short films from French director Albert Lamorisse 1955

Loin des hommes / Far from men

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In 1954, Daru, a reclusive ex-soldier, is thrown into the woes of rebellion when he's ordered to escort a villager accused of murder to prison during the Algerian War. 

The Beaches of Agnes

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A film by Agns Varda


La Regle du Jeu

Scenario et dialogues, Jean Renoir [2005]

Collaborateur, Koch

Directeur de production, Claude Renoir

Certified Copy/Copie Conforme

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Directed by Abbas Kiarostami [2011]

Original Screenplay Abbas Kiarostami

A Year in Provence

BBC 1993

La Haine

Producteur, Christoph Rossignon 2004

Ecrit et realise par Mathieu Kassovitz

La bataille d'Alger = The battle of Algiers

Un film de Gillo Pontecorvo 2004

Produit par Yacef Saadi

Madame Bovary

Dramatized by Giles Cooper ; Producer, Richard Benyon ; Director, Rodney Bennet

BBC 2005