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DVD's: Drama

RU Library - Level 1

Dramatherapy in South Africa : tending the saplings

                                                                                                                   Image result for Drama Therapy in South Africa : tending the saplings                                                             

A documentary by Paula Kingwill



Kontakthof : with ladies and gentlemen over 65

Mel Brooks' The Producers

Image result for mel brooks' the producers dvd

Written by Mel Brooks ; produced by Sidney Glazier ; directed by Mel Brooks


Image result for sutra monks from the shaolin temple dvd

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Antony Gormley, Szymon Brzóska with monks from the Shaolin Temple

A Chorus Line

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In preparation for a Broadway musical, a group of aspiring stage performers is put through their paces by a veteran stage director using some singular techniques.

In the Spirit of Diaghilev

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Executive producers: Paul Bullock, Douglas Cummins, Alistair Spalding ; director: Deborah May.

Vandekeybus, Wim - Ultima vez

Vandekeybus 2006

Anna Sokolow : choreographer

Produced and directed by Lucille Rhodes and Margaret Murphy 1991

The Erick Hawkins modern dance technique

Written, produced and directed by Renata Celichowska 2000

Creating physical theater : the body in performance

Image result for creating physical theatre

Contemporary Arts Media 2006

Delivering killer monologues / Acting Lessons

Acting lessons Inc., 2008

Directed by G. H Powers

Material for the spine : a movement study

Steve Paxton 2008

Theatre games : exercises for learning acting skills

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Written and directed by Andrea Gibbs 2010


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Ludus Dance Company

3 by Martha Graham

Martha Centre for Contemporary Dance 2006

Directed by Dave Wilson

Produced by H.R. Poindexter

José Limón : three modern dance classics

Image result for jose limon quotes

Video Artists International in co-operation with CBC 2002

Produced and directed by Harvey Hart

Flux film anthology

Contemporary Arts Media 2009

Igneous Overview

Contemporary Arts Media 2006

Alvin Ailey : an evening with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Image result for alvin ailey

Produced and directed by Thomas Grimm 2010

Breath and the actor

Image result for Breath and the actor

Arts Documentation Unit 2010

Master classes in the Michael Chekhov technique

Image result for Master classes in the Michael Chekhov technique dvd

Produced by Joanna Merlin 2007

Rosas Shorts

A compilation of 3 dance films 2007

Three films by Merce Cunningham and Elliot Caplan

A collection of dance films 2003


A film by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker 2005

Falls the shadow : Athol Fugard

Director Tony Palmer's in-depth profile of the South African playwright, novelist, actor, and director Athol Fugard. In celebration of his 80th birthday, the film looks back at the life and work of the man whose political plays exposed the reality of life during the apartheid era to a worldwide audience


Blocking a scene : basic staging with actors

An introductory guide to theatrical blocking for novice directors, as taught by drama professor Michael Joyce

Cunningham dance technique

An introduction to a number of the elements that comprise the basis of the Cunningham technique for dancers as given in the Westbeth Studio in New York City

Devising work : the great deviser

Explores the process of creating an original piece of drama, examining the methodologies used by such international theater companies as Goat Island, Forced Entertainment, and Sankai Juku.

Alston in Overdrive

Image result for Alston in Overdrive dvd

This disc contains a full performance of Overdrive and a detailed breakdown of the choreography by Richard Alston with demonstrations by dancers in the studio. 

Hanya Holm : a retrospective

Image result for hanya holm  retrospective dvd

 Produced, directed and written by Kathryn Sullivan

Top ten tips to Improve your Public Speaking

Tanzträume : Jugendliche tanzen "Kontakthof", ein Stück von Pina Bausch

Image result for Tanzträume : Jugendliche tanzen "Kontakthof", ein Stück von Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch, Josephine Ann Endicott, Bénédicte Billiet

Sacred Monsters

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 Artistic direction, choreography and performance, Akram Khan ; co-produced by Sadler's Wells, Les Nuits de Fourviere

La Danse : the Paris Opera ballet

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A film by Frederick Wiseman

Speaking for myself : a rare view of New York's creative heart seen through the eyes and passion of eight contemporary artists

Directed by Bert Shapiro 2010

DV8 Physical Theatre

A DV8 Films production for the BBC 2007


Butoh the body weather farm experience

Serge Tampalini 2009

Contemporary Arts Media

Fashion for the theatre

Educational Video Network 2004

Produced by Brad Martin

Directed by Carlo Rodriguez

Perfecting Eugene

Image result for perfecting eugene

Ludus Dance Company 2006

Dance Theatre of Harlem

Image result for Dance Theatre of Harlem

Coproduced by Danmark's Radio and RM Arts 1989

Produced and directed by Thomas Grimm


Midnight Sun

Cirque du Soleil and the Montreal International Jazz Festival 2005

A Conte IV production

Orpheus und Eurydike

Image result for Orpheus und Eurydike dvd

A dance-opera by Pina Bausch 2009

By Christopher W. Gluck

Moon water

Image result for moon water dvd

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan 2000

Produced by Colin Wilson

Breaking the surface

Jeanette Ginslov 2006

Building a character

DVC Inc., 1989

Spirit of Commedia

Contemporary Arts Media 2005

Bill T. Jones : dancing to the promised land

Arnie Zane Dance Co. 2004

Lord of the Dance

Universal Studios 1999

Cursive II : A ballet

Choreography by Lin Hwai-Min 2006

Music by John Cage

Directed by Ross MacGibbon

From a classical position : Just dancing around? / William Forsythe

Produced by Sophie Gardiner 2007

Heinz Spoerli's Zurcher ballett

Produced by Jurgen Klimmeck and Hjordis Steiner 2005


"Baby explodes the metaphor of "time passing" into a dynamic, contemporary work of art. Using choreography to process information, O'Connor reveals his inimitable and penetrating aesthetic."

Building a character

R. Scott Lank, Acting Professor at the University of Evansville, guides a group of acting students through the process of realistic character development. Discusses aspects such as script analysis, physical work, vocal work, emotional work, and combining these elements.

Dancer in the dark

The story concerns Selma (Bjork), a Czech immigrant living in 1964 Washington State with her 12-year-old son, Gene (Vladan Kostic). On the verge of blindness, Selma spends her days working in a factory, as well as performing other odd jobs, in order to save up enough money to pay for an operation that will cure Gene of the same disease


Choreographed by Karole Armitage

Fiddler on the Roof

Image result for fiddler on the roof

Based on the stage play by Joseph Stein

Anna Sokolow, choreographer

Image result for Anna Sokolow, choreographer

The life and career of Anna Sokolow, traced through photos and film clips. Includes footage of studio work with a dancer for Sokolow's work, Rooms, and interviews with Sokolow.

The American invasion, 1962-1972

Image result for the american invasion valerie preston dunlop dvd

Director of Research, Valerie Preston-Dunlop ; produced by Luis Espana for Spiritlevel

Last Dance

Image result for Last dance [videorecording] / a collaboration between Pilobolus Dance Theatre & the Night Kitchen Theater  dvd

Documentary on the genesis of A selection, a dance work created in collaboration by Pilobolus Dance Theatre and Maurice Sendak and Arthur Yorinks of the Night Kitchen Theater.

Akram Khan : Homeland : the making of Desh

Ragni, Rado & MacDermot's Hair

Image result for Ragni, Rado & MacDermot's Hair Michael weller

 Screenplay by Michael Weller ; produced by Lester Persky and Michael Butler ; directed by Milos Forman

The Rodgers and Hammerstein Collection

Image result for the rodgers and hammerstein collection dvd

20th Century musicals

Three ballets by Wayne McGregor

Image result for three ballets by wayne mcgregor dvd

Chroma ; Infra ; Limen / The Royal Ballet

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Image result for coco chanel and igor stravinsky

Based on the novel by Chris Greenhalgh.

Stanislavsky and the Russian Theatre

Directed, written and produced by Michael Craig

Breaking the Surface

Bessie's head

Image result for Bessie's head / First Physical Productions ; choreographer, Gary Gordon dvd

First Physical productions 2006

Choreographer, Gary Gordon

Directed for television by Allen M. Auld

The 7 faces of Robert Lepage

Directed by Michel Duchesne 1997


Absolute Wilson

New Yorker Video 2007

Film manufacturers Inc.,

The basic costumer

DVC Inc. 2004


Image result for sold ludus dance

Ludus Dance Company 2000

Directed by Deborah Barnard

Dance for camera

Image result for dance for camera


Image result for solstrom

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005

Geography Trilogy

A Cross Performance Production 2007

Conceived, choreographed and directed by Ralph Lemon

Grupo Corpo : Companhia de dança

Produced by Bernhard Fleischer 2001

Directed by Thomas Grimm

Adler vs. Strasberg : the great controversy in American acting

Insight Media 2007

The essence in theater : a documentary in six parts

Image result for the essence in theatre dvd

Produced by Jean Sabatine 1986

Directed and edited by David Hodge

Surface tension

A Richard Coldman production for SJDC 2005

Wong Kar Wai

Songs of the Wanderers

Choreographer/Artictic director Lin Hwai-Min 2001

The Cost of Living

Produced by DV8 Films and Channel 4 Television 2006

Conceived and directed by Lloyd Newson

Trisha Brown

Produced and directed by Douglas Rosenberg 1996

Pulcinella : Soldat

Stravinsky, Rambert Dance Company 1988

Beckett on film : 19 films x 19 directors

"The comprehensive cinematic interpretation of Beckett's plays."

A chorus line

In preparation for a Broadway musical, a group of aspiring stage performers is put through their paces by a veteran stage director using some singular techniques

Connect transfer II

Image result for connect transfer II

Connect transfer II was commissioned by the American Dance Festival ... June, 2008

I drink the air before me

Stephen Petronio Company 2009

Reflection : reconstructing Anna Sokolow's Steps of silence

Image result for reflection : reconstructing Anna Sokolow's steps of silence dvd

"Chronicles the 1968 creation and 2004 revival of Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence. It includes narration by Linda Smith, film footage of a 1970 lecture-demonstration by Sokolow, rehearsal photographs from 1968, motion-capture data of specific phrases of the dance, and interviews with original cast members."

The diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky

Image result for The diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky  dvd

Feature-length dramatised documentary takes an intimate look at one of the most celebrated dance