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DVD's: Education

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A School where I belong

Image result for A school where I belong : creating transformed and inclusive South African schools

Over the past few years, it has become clear that the path of transformation in schools since 1994 has not led South Africa's education system to where we had hoped it could be. Through tweets, posts and recent protests in schools, it has become apparent that in former whites-only state schools, and private schools, children of colour and those who are 'different' don't feel they belong. Following the astonishing success of How to Fix South Africa's Schools, the authors sat down with young people who attended former Model-C and private schools, as well as principals and teachers, to reflect on.

Dylan Wray, Roy Hellenberg, Jonathan Jansen


Image result for Boyhood movie

Chronicles twelve years of the young boy Mason's life and family as he journeys to adulthood.

Phonological awareness

The boys of Baraka

Produced by Loki Films 2006

Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

Waiting for Superman

Produced by Lesley Chilcott 2011

Directed by Davis Guggenheim

Story shorts 2 : using short films in the primary classroom : age 7+

Image result for story shorts 2

BFI Education 2006

Using what we know : applying Piaget's developmental theory in primary classrooms

Image result for Using what we know : applying Piaget's developmental theory in primary classrooms

Produced by Davidson Films Inc., 1991

With David Elkind

Introduction to critical thinking

Image result for introduction to critical thinking

Insight Media 2008

Play : a Vygotskian approach

Produced by Frances W Davidson 1996

Directed by John M Davidson

Scaffolding self-regulated learning in primary classrooms

Davidson Films 1996

Produced by Frances W Davidson

Directed by John M Davidson

Differentiation and literacy

A Jim Thompson production 2009


The Class

Produit par Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Simon Arnal, Barbara Letelliet 2009


The Lottery

Image result for the lottery dvd

Directed by Madeleine Sackler 2010

Classroom management at its best

SFX Television and the Master Teacher 2000

Constructing effective questions

Image result for constructing effective questions dvd

Global Video LLC 2004

Written and produced by Barbara Nixon

Classic Piaget Collection

Produced by Davidson Films 1968 and 1972

Vygotsky's developmental theory : an introduction

Produced by Davidson Films 1994

Directed by John Davidson

Concrete Operations

Davidson Films 1996

With David Elkind

Jesus Camp

"Follows Levi, Rachael, and Tory to Pastor Becky Fischer's 'Kids on Fire' summer camp in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, where kids as young as 6 years-old are taught to become dedicated soldiers in 'God's army'

A Tale of two Schools

Image result for A tale of two schools : a reading rockets documentary special

This video shows the importance of learning to read. It follows the reading programs for one year at two elementary schools in poor communities.

Building literacy competencies in early childhood

Davidson Films 2000

Written and narrated by Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong

Produced by Francis W. Davidson

Directed by John M. Davidson


ADHD & LD : powerful teaching strategies and accommodations

National Professional Resources 2004

Focused observations : how to observe children for assessment and curriculum planning

Gaye Gronlund and Marlyn James 2005

Teaching students to think critically and creatively

Presented by Clear Channel Entertainment and the Master Teacher 2004

The student teaching experience

A product of TEAMS - BC 1999

Growing minds : cognitive development in early childhood

Davidson Films, Inc. 1996

Written by David Elkind

Produced by Frances W. Davidson

Directed by John M Davidson

Nourishing language development in early childhood

Davidson Films 1996

Written and narrated by Alice Sterling Honig

Produced by Frances W Davidson

Directed by John Davidson

Freedom from violence

School staff will learn the skills needed to implement a successful conflict resolution model in the classroom, as well as a school-wide peer mediation program