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DVD's: Psychology

RU Library - Level 1

Structured Peer Group Supervision

Let's talk about it

Image result for let's talk about it young people in cape town HIV AIDSdvd

Let's talk about it (8 min.) examines the attitudes of young people in Cape Town towards HIV and AIDS and the challenges they face in practicing safer sex.

Narrative Therapy with Children

An Allyn and Bacon presentation 2002

Assessing ADHD in the schools

Produced and Directed by Steve Lerner 2008

The 8th habit : from effectiveness to greatness

Stephen R Covey 2004

Carl Rogers on education

American personnel and guidance association 2000

Erik H. Erikson : a life's work

Produced by Davidson films 1992

The power of motivation : ten golden rules

Insight Media 2005


Image result for Marijuana

A Cambridge Educational Production 2010

Written and produced by Charlotte Angel and Kyle Boyd

The century of the self

Written and produced by Adam Curtis 2006

Echoes of childhood

This film documents the childhood backgrounds, lives and intimate relationships of two men who were involved in the research study documented in a Few Good Men. It reflects on the long term impact of their involvement in the research process and shows how these individuals have to negotiate, just like of us, how our gender identity is passed through the generations

Classic Piaget collection

Drs. Robert Karplus and Celia Stendler Lavatelli, use Piagetian classification tasks to demonstrate how children's ability to use categories develops during middle childhood. In Conservation children between the ages of 5 and 12 perform various tasks which illustrate the Piagetian concept of conservation.

American Denial

Image result for american denial

"In 1938, Swedish researcher and Nobel Laureate Gunnar Myrdal plunges into America's Jim Crow South. His resulting study, An American dilemma (1944), poses a profoundly unsettling question: How can a people devoted to the American creed of equality, justice and opportunity for all continue to erect obstacles to those ends based on race? Through Myrdal's story and contemporary racial dynamics, the film explores how denial, cognitive dissonance, and implicit bias persist and shape all of our lives"

Adolescent Family Therapy

An Allyn and Bacon Presentation 2002

Bandura's social cognitive theory : an introduction

Written and narrated by Albert Bandura 2003

Consuming kids : the commercialization of childhood

A Media Education Foundation Production 2008

Growing up online

Image result for growing up online dvd

A Frontline co-production with Ark media 2008

Schema therapy

American Psychological Association 2007


The up series

A film by Michael Apted 2006

We need to talk about Kevin

Produced by Jennifer Fox, Luc Roeg and Robert Salerno 2011

Directed by Lynne Ramsay

Depression : out of the shadows

"Depression: out of the Shadows tells the dramatic stories of people of different ages, from diverse backgrounds, who live with various forms of depression. Leading mental health experts highlight the latest scientific research and innovative treatments, offering greater understanding and hope for the millions of people living with this complex, but treatable, disease."

Bandura's social cognitive theor : an introduction

Dr. Albert Bandura presents his social cognitive theory of human behavior and includes footage of the Bobo doll experiment and his snake phobia work

Hearts and Minds

Image result for hearts and minds dvd

Examines the American involvement in Vietnam, and is a chronicle of the war from a psychological perspective.

Systemic Family Therapy

Image result for systemic family therapy dvd

Series editor : Jon L. Winek

Psychoanalytic therapy over time

Produced by Yevette Brown and John M Tullos 2009

Directed by John M Tullos

Person-centred child therapy

An Allyn and Bacon Presentation 2007

Body image for boys

Cambridge Educational 2005

Emotional Intelligence

A CRM Learning production 2001

Giving feedback : emotional intelligence in action

Image result for giving feedback dvd

Supernova Learning solutions 2005

Encounters through generations

Image result for Encounters through generations

British Institute of Psychoanalysis 2012

Hearts and minds

Produced by Bert Schneider and Peter Davis 2002

Directed by Peter Davis

Quiet rage : the Stanford prison study

Produced and directed by Ken Musen 1991

A few good men

A research study with men who are negotiating changes towards gender equity in their intimate relations with women and children. This documentary captures the significant emotional struggles involved when a man begins to make seemingly small changes in the way he relates to his intimate partner and children, yet which have a deeper impact on household relations


Growing up online

The Internet is forging a society with fundamentally different properties, leaving parents grapple with the question of how to manage kids interactions with a world where the partition between public and private has effectively disappeared