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DVD's: Classical Studies

RU Library - Level 1


The complete series 2009

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

In this award winning adventure Michael Wood embarks on a 2000-mile journey in the footsteps of Alexander's triumphal march from Greece to India

I Claudius

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BBC Worldwide 1976

Oedipus Rex

The Stratford, Ontario, Shakespearean Festival Players, speaking through Greek masks, present the tragedy of Oedipus, who, having unwittingly slain his father and unknowingly married his mother, is driven by the plague that has swept through his kingdom to track down the evildoer who has polluted his land and its people

Fellini Satyricon

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Produced by Alberto Grimaldi 2003

Directed by Frederico Fellini

Orpheus und Eurydike

A dance opera set to Gluck's opera of the same name. The choreographer has created dual roles, having Orpheus, Eurydice and Amor represented by singers and dances alike. Voices recount the poetic myth, while bodies come to grips with the work's dramatic substance