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DVD's: Politics

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Image result for noma movie Pablo Pinedo Boveda

Noma is a young black woman that represents a huge portion of the post-apartheid South African youth: surviving with a precarious job, living in a township in Cape Town, renting a shack that she shares with four other people: her two sons, her cousin and her younger brother.

All the President's men

A Robert Redford-Alan J. Pakula film 1976

Produced by Walter Coblenz

Directed by Alan J. Pakula



La Commune (Paris 1871)

Directed by Peter Watkins 2010

Icarus Films

Dynasties : people and passions that changed the world

Image result for Dynasties : people and passions that changed the world

Roman Empire; The Medici; The Greeks; Japan; Egypt's Golden Empire


In a soldier's footsteps

A documentary film by Mette Zeruneith 2005

Long night's journey into day

Image result for long night's journey into day

An Iris films production 2000

Directed by Frances Reid and Deborah Hoffmann

The axe and the tree : Zimbabwe's legacy of political violence

Image result for the axe and the tree dvd

Produced by Piers Pigou 2010

Directed by Rumbi Katenza

The Nazis : a warning from history

Written and produced by Laurence Rees 2005

Directed by Tilman Remme

Political communication & mass communication

Produced by Cindy Lont 2007

The war on democracy

A film by John Pilger 2007

Taxi to the dark side

Produced in association with Discovery Channel 2008

Written and directed by Alex Gibney

Women, war & peace

Image result for women war and peace dvd

Created by Abigail Disne, Pamela Hogan, Gini Reticker  2011


When the mountains tremble

Image result for when the mountains tremble dvd

A Skylight Pictures production 2004

Produced by Peter Kinoy

Directed by Pamela Yates and Thomas Sigel

Power and terror : Noam Chomsky in our times

Image result for power and terror noam chomsky dvd

A film by John Junkerman 2002


The power of nightmares : the rise of the politics of fear

BBC 2004

The axe and the tree : Zimbabwe's legacy of political violence

Directed by Rumbi Katenza 2010

Produced by Piers Pigou

Nelson Mandela : from freedom to history

Three documentaries tracing the life and times of Nelson Mandela 2010

La bataille d'Alger = The battle of Algiers

Dramatizes the harrowing events of 1957, a key year in Algeria's struggle for independence from France. Recreates the tumultuous Algerian uprising against the occupying French in the 1950s

Top10tips: to improve your public speaking

The Borgias : First, second and final seasons (outstanding)

Created by Neil Jordan 2011

Fahrenheit 9/11

Written, directed and produced by Michael Moore 2004

Inside job

Produced, written and directed by Charles Ferguson 2010

Mandela's unbanning & release

Directed and produced by Video News Services/ANC 2005

Blue gold : world water wars

A Purple Turtle Film Production 2009

A film by Sam Bozzo

Nelson Mandela : the struggle is my life

Written and directed by Lionel Ngakane

Tim Wise : on white privilege : racism, white denial & the costs of inequality

Image result for tim wise : on white privilege dvd

Tim Wise 2008

Produced by Sut Jhally

Without the king

A film by Michael Skolnik 2008

Directed by Michael Skolnik

Martin Luther King : "I have a Dream"

MPI Home Video 2005

The wind that shakes the barley

Directed by Ken Loach 2006

Screenplay by Paul Laverty

Howard Zinn : you can't be neutral on a moving train : a documentary

Image result for Howard Zinn : you can't be neutral on a moving train : a documentary

First Run/Icarus Films 2004

A documentary by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller

The end of poverty?

Produced by Beth Portello 2010

Written and directed by Philippe Diaz

The Promise

Directed by Peter Kosminsky 2011

Produced by Hal Vogel

Why Poverty?

Image result for Why Poverty? dvd

Produced by Steps International 2012


Miners shot down

Uhuru Productions, 2014


A romantic drama set in 1947 in Lahore before India and Pakistan became independent, where Hindu, Sikh, Parsee, and Muslim share a peaceful co-existence 1999

Cambridge spies

London : BBC Worldwide, 2003

The Homecoming

Image result for the homecoming 1973 pinter

Adaptation of play by Harold Pinter

Women without men

Director, Shirin Neshat in collaboration with Shoja Azari 2012

The heart of whiteness

Written and directed by Rehad Desai 2005

Liberation women

Produced and directed by Beata Lipman 1985

The awful truth : [the entire series]

Written and directed by Michael Moore 2003

The myth of The clash of civilizations : Professor Edward Said in lecture

Produced and directed by Sut Jhally 2002

Pandora's box

Written, produced and directed by Adam Curtis 2009

Thomas Sankara : the upright man

Image result for Thomas Sankara : the upright man dvd

A film by Robin Shuffield 2006

We own the world / a talk by Noam Chomsky

Z Video Productions 2007

The War Room

Universal studios home video 1994

Personally speaking : a long conversation with Stuart Hall

A Dibb Directions production 2009

Filmed and directed by Mike Dibb

The people speak : Voices of a People's History

Produced by Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Chris Moore, Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn 2010

Co-directed by Chris Moore, Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn


La strada

Screenplay by Federico Fellini 2005

Produced by Dino de Laurentiis and Carlo Ponti

Directed by Federico Fellini

Pray the devil back to hell

Produced by Abigail E. Disney 2008

Directed by Gini Reticker

The Last King of Scotland

Produced by Lisa Bryer, Andrea Calderwood and Charles Steel 2007

Directed by Kevin Macdonald

The Devil's Miner

The story of 14 year-old Basilio Vargas and his 12 year-old brother Bernardino who work in the ancient Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico (Potosí). Cerro Rico miners believe that Satan, as represented by hundreds of statues constructed in the mines, determines whether they live or die there

The assassination of JFK and the resignation of Richard Nixon

An episode from the BBC series which covers the events that shaped our world. No one could have dreamed of the shocks America would suffer in the 20th century -- the assassination of the youngest ever president and the disgrace and expulsion of Richard Nixon

American Denial

Image result for American denial dvd

"In 1938, Swedish researcher and Nobel Laureate Gunnar Myrdal plunges into America's Jim Crow South. His resulting study, An American dilemma (1944), poses a profoundly unsettling question: How can a people devoted to the American creed of equality, justice and opportunity for all continue to erect obstacles to those ends based on race? Through Myrdal's story and contemporary racial dynamics, the film explores how denial, cognitive dissonance, and implicit bias persist and shape all of our lives"