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DVD's: Botany

RU Library - Level 1

The Private life of plants

Written and presented by David Attenborough [2005]

Series producer, Mike Salisbury

Not your ordinary desk job : careers in life science

Produced by Leslie Jaye Goff 2007

Written by Leslie Jaye Goff and Eva Gladek

Cell membranes : the boundaries of life

Written, produced, and directed by Jeff Hildebrand 2006

Concepts in science : biology unit 5 : photosynthesis

Produced by David Chamberlain 1987

Evolution : learning and teaching evolution


Image result for evolution : learning and teaching evolution

Beginning with Darwin's revolutionary theory, this seven-part series explores all facets of evolution.

Fungi : decomposers and parasites

Written, produced and directed by Jeff Hildebrandt 2005

Biology Meiosis

Students compare the processes of mitosis and meiosis and their significance to sexual and asexual behavior