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DVD's: MA Creative Writing

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TOC / story by Steve Tomasula

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"A multimedia epic about time--the invention of the second, the beating of a heart, the story of humans connecting through time to each other and to the world. An evocative fairy tale with a steampunk heart, TOC is a breath-taking visual novel, an assemblage of text, film, music, photography, the spoken word, animation, and painting. It is the story of a man who digs a hole so deep he can hear the past, a woman who climbs a ladder so high she can see the future, as well as others trapped in the clockless, timeless time of a surgery waiting room: God's time. Theirs is an imagined history of people who are fixed in the past, those who have no word for the future, and those who live out their days oblivious to both. A new media hybrid, TOC re-imagines what the book is and can be"--Publisher website.

Words of advice : William S. Burroughs on the road

Written, directed and produced by Lars Movin and Steen Moller Rasmussen 2010

The night porter

In 1950s Vienna a former concentration camp inmate (Charlotte Rampling), now the wife of an American opera conductor, recognizes a hotel porter (Dirk Bogarde) as the SS Commandant who sexually abused her as a teenager


Let it come down

In a series of interviews, Paul Bowles and other writers discuss his life, loves and work.

The gospel according to Philip K. Dick

Looks at the life and career of the popular American science fiction writer


"Dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in 2009, transformed the language of dance with her extraordinary and revolutionary body of work"

William S. Burroughs : a man within

William Burroughs : the culture hero to generations of poets, musicians, artists, and filmmakers who had their minds blown by his 1959 classic, banned-in-America "Naked Lunch." This film covers his life in a straightforward manner, but the portrait drawn is at odds with the character who wrote in outlandish graphic detail about then-forbidden sexuality in the 1950s and '60s.

Blade runner

Based on the novel : Do androids dream of electric sheep? / by Philip K. Dick

In a futuristic Los Angeles of 2019, detective Rick Deckard is a highly rated "Blade Runner" assigned to find and kill illegal cybernetic "replicants", genetic creations with superhuman abilities

Who's afraid of Kathy Acker?

"A multi-layered work featuring animation, archival footage and interviews with the likes of William Burroughs, Carolee Schneemann and Richard Hell, Who's afraid of Kathy Acker by Austrian artist Barbara Caspar and co-produced by Annette Pisacane (Nico Icon) and Markus Fischer, is a thoughtful and creative film biography/essay on the late outlaw writer and punk icon, whose formally inventive novels, published from the '70s through the mid-90s, challenged assumptions about gender roles, sexuality, and the literary canon."

Iceberg Slim : portrait of a pimp

Examines the legendary life of Iceberg Slim. a notorious pimp and author of seven ground-breaking books. Insightful interviews with well-known artists, scholars, friends and family members create a riveting tapestry as colorful as the subject himself.

The life and times of Allen Ginsberg

The making of the life and times of Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg reading selected poems, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg at Jack Kerouac's grave, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg at Naropa University, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg at City Lights book store, the making of the music video "A ballad of the skeletons", Ginsberg guides us through an exhibition of his photographs, excerpts from Scenes from Allen's last three days on earth as a spirit by Jonas Mekas, Ginsberg's photo gallery, director's photo gallery, original theatrical trailer, memorial for Allen Ginsberg.