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DVD's: Maths Stats

RU Library - Level 1

Meaning from data : statistics made clear

The Teaching Company 2006

Michael Starbird


The ultimate resource for AP high school students, college students, and adult learners, this set covers the standard topics taught in introductory stats classes

Statistics : decisions through data

Statistics: decisions through data is a series of modules on basic statistics built around 5 video units to be shown in the classroom



This maths series pact contains: pt. 1. Good graphs and practice; Normal distribution curves. pt. 2. Mean, median and mode, Statistics on your calculator; Standard deviation; Standard scores, Z scores and their use.

World in the balance

In Japan, Europe and Russia, birth rates are shrinking and the population is aging. In parts of India and Africa, more than half of the still growing population is under 25. The world population is now careening in two dramatically different directions