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Margaret Smith Library, SAIAB: Open Access Week

The library at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity contributes to research and teaching in the aquatic sciences through heritage collections and a global web of data. Resources and services are shared with Rhodes University Library

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Open Access Peer-Reviewed Publications from SAIAB

Peer-reviewed publications by SAIAB Scientists, Honorary Research Associates and Postgraduate Students using SAIAB’s address in 2017.

Chakona, A. & Skelton, P.H. 2017, "A review of the Pseudobarbus afer (Peters, 1864) species complex (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the eastern Cape Fold Ecoregion of South Africa", ZooKeys, vol. 2017, no. 657, pp. 109-140. 

Dalu, T., Wasserman, R.J., Vink, T.J.F. & Weyl, O.L.F. 2017, "Sex and species specific isotopic niche specialisation increases with trophic complexity: Evidence from an ephemeral pond ecosystem", Scientific Reports, vol. 7. (2017) 

Day, J.J., Fages, A., Brown, K.J., Vreven, E.J., Stiassny, M.L.J., Bills, R., Friel, J.P. & Rüber, L. 2017, "Multiple independent colonizations into the Congo Basin during the continental radiation of African Mastacembelus spiny eels", Journal of Biogeography,                   

Dick, J.T.A., Alexander, M.E., Ricciardi, A., Laverty, C., Downey, P.O., Xu, M., Jeschke, J.M., Saul, W.-., Hill, M.P., Wasserman, R., Barrios-O’Neill, D., Weyl, O.L.F. & Shaw, R.H. 2017, "Fictional responses from Vonesh et al.", Biological Invasions, , pp. 1-2  

Dick, J.T.A., Alexander, M.E., Ricciardi, A., Laverty, C., Downey, P.O., Xu, M., Jeschke, J.M., Saul, W.-., Hill, M.P., Wasserman, R., Barrios-O’Neill, D., Weyl, O.L.F. & Shaw, R.H. 2017, "Functional responses can unify invasion ecology", Biological Invasions, , pp. 1-6.

Du Preez, L.H., Badets, M., Héritier, L. & Verneau, O. 2017, "Tracking platyhelminth parasite diversity from freshwater turtles in French Guiana: First report of Neopolystoma Price, 1939 (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) with the description of three new species", Parasites and Vectors, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 1-11. 

Hugo, S. & Altwegg, R. 2017, "The second Southern African Bird Atlas Project: Causes and consequences of geographical sampling bias", Ecology and Evolution, 

Karthick, B., Taylor, J.C. & Hamilton, P.B. 2017, "Two new species of Achnanthidium Kützing (Bacillariophyceae) from Kolli Hills, Eastern Ghats, India", Fottea, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 65-77. 

Nunes, A.L., Zengeya, T.A., Hoffman, A.C., John Measey, G. & Weyl, O.L.F. 2017, "Distribution and establishment of the alien australian redclaw crayfish, cherax quadricarinatus, in South Africa and Swaziland", PeerJ, vol. 2017, no. 4 

Peer, N., Gouws, G., Lazo-Wasem, E., Perissinotto, R. & Miranda, N.A.F. 2017, "Redescription of Potamonautes sidneyi (Rathbun, 1904) (Decapoda, Potamonautidae) and description of a new congeneric species from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa", ZooKeys, vol. 2017, no. 657, pp. 1-28.

Sara, J.R., Weyl, O.L.F., Marr, S.M., Smit, W.J., Fouché, P.S.O. & Luus-Powell, W.J. 2017, "Gill net catch composition and catch per unit effort in flag Boshielo Dam, Limpopo Province, South Africa", Water SA, vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 463-469.

Taylor, G.C., Hill, J.M., Jackson, M.C., Peel, R.A. & Weyl, O.L.F. 2017, "Estimating δ15N fractionation and adjusting the lipid correction equation using Southern African freshwater fishes", PLoS ONE, vol. 12, no. 5. 

van der Walt, K-A., Swartz, E.R., Woodford, D. & Weyl, O. 2017, "Using genetics to prioritise headwater stream fish populations of the Marico barb, Enteromius motebensis Steindachner 1894, for conservation action", Koedoe, vol. 59, no. 1.

Whitfield, A.K., Weerts, S.P. & Weyl, O.L.F. 2017, "A review of the influence of biogeography, riverine linkages, and marine connectivity on fish assemblages in evolving lagoons and lakes of coastal southern Africa", Ecology and Evolution, vol. 7, no. 18, pp. 7382-7398

Woodford, D.J., Ivey, P., Jordaan, M.S., Kimberg, P.K., Zengeya, T. & Weyl, O.L.F. 2017, "Optimising invasive fish management in the context of invasive species legislation in South Africa", Bothalia, vol. 47, no. 2.

Zengeya, T., Ivey, P., Woodford, D.J., Weyl, O., Novoa, A., Shackleton, R., Richardson, D. & Van Wilgen, R. 2017, "Managing conflict-generating invasive species in South Africa: Challenges and trade-offs", Bothalia, vol. 47, no. 2.