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Margaret Smith Library, SAIAB: Phylogenetic Classification of Bony Fishes – Version 4.

The library at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity contributes to research and teaching in the aquatic sciences through heritage collections and a global web of data. Resources and services are shared with Rhodes University Library

Phylogenetic Classification of Bony Fishes –Version 4. (2016)

Phylogenetic Classification of Bony Fishes –Version 4. (2016)
Betancur-R, R., E. Wiley, N. Bailly, A. Acero, M. Miya, G. Lecointre, and G. Ortí.

This classification intends to preserve names and taxonomic composition of groups as much as possible; however, adjustments have been made to recognize well-supported molecular clades, many of which also have been obtained by recent studies. A total of 72 orders and 84 suborders of bony fishes are classified in this version (vs. 66 orders in version 1)