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Margaret Smith Library, SAIAB: Essential e-Resources

The library at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity contributes to research and teaching in the aquatic sciences through heritage collections and a global web of data. Resources and services are shared with Rhodes University Library


e-Books (Online Books)

For RU Library users. A guide on how to find and use e-Books in your research using e-Book platforms. Links to a variety of e-Books and how to read them on your computer and/or download them to an e-reading device.

Try searching the A-Z e-books for yourself to find more books like these:



You can search for DVDs and CD-ROMS by subject on this RU Library Subject Guide

OR as a keyword Search type in your word and DVD e.g : DVD fish* 

Many DVDs we have are also available on  YouTube

Rivers of life, oceans of plenty

Highlights from the first surveys of the mesophotic reefs in the Pondoland no-take MPA

Assessment of the effectiveness of reef fish conservation in the Amathole region of South Africa

Reference Works on ScienceDirect

  • Comprehensive review of a field
  • An ideal starting point Short articles and entries reference primary journal articles for more in-depth study.
  • Link quickly and easily: link within the work or outward to primary full-text journal articles
  • Not all articles are full text, but all include figures and further references to explore.
  • Each article has numerous related articles that are full text.

Look for the boxes next to the article

Full-text available = Full-text available                Abstract only = Abstract only

Encyclopedia of Quaternary science

Encyclopedia of ecology

Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology: From Genome to Environment

Encyclopedia of microbiology (third edition).

International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences

Treatise on estuarine and coastal science

Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science

Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science

Editors-in-Chief: Eric Wolanski and Donald McLusky is Reference Work
ISBN: 978-0-08-087885-0
Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Volume 1: Classification of Estuarine and Nearshore Coastal Ecosystems
Volume 2: Water and Fine Sediment Circulation
Volume 3: Estuarine and Coastal Geology and Geomorphology
Volume 4: Geochemistry of Estuaries and Coasts
Volume 5: Biogeochemistry
Volume 6: Trophic Relationships of Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems
Volume 7: Functioning of Ecosystems at the Land–Ocean Interface
Volume 8: Human-Induced Problems (Uses and Abuses)
Volume 9: Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystem Modelling
Volume 10: Ecohydrology and Restoration
Volume 11: Management of Estuaries and Coasts
Volume 12: Ecological Economics of Estuaries and Coasts

This multi-volume work is also availabe in print at  RU Science Library level 2

Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology

Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology: from Genome to environment

Editor-in-Chief: Anthony P. Farrell
ISBN: 978-0-08-092323-9
Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

Volume 1: The Senses, Supporting Tissues, Reproduction, and Behavior
Sensing the Environment
Muscles, Skeleton, Skin, and Movement
Behavior and Physiology

Volume 2: Gas Exchange, Internal Homeostatis, and Food Uptake
Gas Exchange
The Gut
Hormonal Controls

Volume 3: Energetics, Interactions with the Environment, Lifestyles, and Applications
Responses and Adaptations to the Environment
Physiological Specializations of Different Fish Groups
Applied Aspects of Fish Physiology