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Scholarly Communication: Academic Writing

This guide defines Scholarly Communication, and its role in raising visibility of Researcher output and web presence. Scholarly Communication is defined as "the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality,

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For more information, view the Scholarly Communication: Academic Writing page

For more information, view the Scholarly Communication: Plagiarism page

Write, Edit & Get Published

Writing is key to research but can also take up alot of your time. 

Find out about a language editing tool that can boost your academic writing and save you time. 


A guide which provides advice on writing research articles

Publishing the results of your research is a critical part of your academic career.

By following the advice and guidance here, you’ll be able to produce a paper that’s a great fit for your chosen journal.

Get help with preparing your manuscript

Wiley supports you throughout the manuscript preparation process, 

from writing and preparing a great article to ensuring it is seen, read, and cited.


To ensure your article has the best chance of acceptance, we recommend you follow your chosen journal's author guidelines

Empowering methodologies in Academic Research and Writing Papers

Academic writing can be an overwhelming task for researchers. 

This webinar is intended to assist with the entire process of scholarly writing, editing and publishing.