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Scholarly Communication: Rhodes Digital Commons (Repository)

This guide defines Scholarly Communication, and its role in raising visibility of Researcher output and web presence. Scholarly Communication is defined as "the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality,

Institutional Repository

Institutional repository (IR): A library of digital objects and associated metadata from a single institution. 

The phrase ‘institutional repository’ is often used informally to differentiate between systems and services to collect and disseminate scholarly content (peer-reviewed articles written by faculty, electronic theses and dissertations) versus those systems and services supporting other types of digital objects (i.e., digital images of artwork).

The Rhodes University Institutional Repository is the Rhodes Digital Commons (Repository). You will gain access to the research output generated by Rhodes University researchers.



Green Route Open Access

Most universities follow and practice the GREEN ROUTE through their institutional repository.

Here at Rhodes University, we have our own institutional repository (IR) - Rhodes Digital Commons.

Through the SEALS Consortium (South Eastern Academic Libraries) the University invested in VITAL as the IR platform. This is hosted and managed by Rhodes Library.

This platform is designed to archive collections of research output for each of our Rhodes University researchers.

It also is the platform which showcases the University’s research output.

Copyright Compliant

The RDC is copyright compliant.

We locate the research article on the publishers platform. We check to see if it is available as an Open Access article. This is done by using the  tools Sherpa Romeounpaywall and EndNote Click (formerly known as Kopernio). The latter two are Chrome Extensions installed on your PC or laptop. You are encouraged to use these open source software to source open access content legally – you would be surprised how many articles you can find in this way.







All Open Access articles are then uploaded onto the RDC with full text access to the article on the publisher’s platform.

Where it is indicated, we apply the open source Creative Commons License attributed to the article/object 







If the article is not Open Access, we uploaded the front page of the article together with a link to the publisher’s platform.

What can be uploaded to the Rhodes Digital Commons (Repository)?

Journal articles  

(Pre-prints and Publisher PDFs in compliance with the Copyright)





            Books and Book Chapters



Conference Papers and Proceedings   









       Technical Reports, Working Reports







   Audio-Visual materials/objects