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Scholarly Communication: Rhodes Digital Commons (Rhodes Hosted Journals)

This guide defines Scholarly Communication, and its role in raising visibility of Researcher output and web presence. Scholarly Communication is defined as "the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality,

Open Journal Systems at Rhodes University

In 2016 Rhodes University Library implemented the Rhodes Hosted Journals service. This service runs on the Open Journal System System (OJS), a journal management system developed by PKP (Public Knowledge Project), with the intention to improve and expand access to research, and is designed to support the scholarly journal publication processes. This service is furthermore specifically aimed at optimising article level discovery (linked data environment, including link resolvers, indices and harvesters). The Rhodes Hosted Journals service complements the Rhodes Digital Commons in that these systems provide an established platform for scholarly communication.

Digitial Object Identitifer (DOI) integration

One of the features on the Rhodes Hosted Platform is the Digital Object Identifier integration, which will further support research visibility:

  • Supports the Linked Data (Web3) environment;
  • In preparation for the anticipated NRF requirement for research output and research data sets to be assigned a unique identifier, preferably DOI;
  • The integration of the DOI with the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) framework, allowing for content to be readily registered with the author’s research profile;
  • Link persistence yet allowing for possible changes in ownership of objects;
  • Increases content visibility (drives traffic via partnerships etc.)
  • Centralized linking agreement
  • Full OpenURL integration
  • Increased quality of citation tracking
  • Turn references into hyperlinks

Journals Currently Hosted

Rhodes University Library currently hosts two journals on the Rhodes Hosted Journals service:

All articles within this journal is made freely accessible to the public.
Harvested on GoogleScholar

All articles within this journal, with the exception of the latest two-years, is made freely accessible to the public.
Harvested on GoogleScholar


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