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Rhodes University becomes a Signatory to the Berlin Declaration 24 October 2013


Rhodes University Becomes Signatory to Berlin Declaration

Rhodes University joined the list of signatories to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge.  Dr Peter Clayton, DVC, signed the Declaration during a seminar on Open Access  on Thursday, 24 October 2013.  Other speakers included Ms Natalia Timiraos (BioMed Central) and Ms Elsabe Olivier (former Open Scholarship Manager, UP).

The declaration reads


Rhodes University, a leading research university in South Africa, recognises the importance of the global Open Access Movement for the dissemination of knowledge and cultural heritage, and the need to share its research output with the rest of the African continent and the world. To this end, the University would like to join the list of signatories to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge.

As a signatory, Rhodes University, commits itself to:

  1. Implementing a policy that encourages its researchers to deposit a copy of all their published articles in an open access repository, and

  2. Encouraging researchers to publish their research articles in open access journals where a suitable journal exists and provide the support to enable that to happen. "

The Berlin Declaration

The Berlin Declaration

The Berlin declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge of 22 October 2003 was written in English (Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities) and is one of the milestones of the open access movement. The wording of the English version shall prevail.