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Open Science: Open Science Tools

A guide to define and explore the domain of Open Science. This includes Open Access, Digital Humanities, Open Data, OERs, Open Notebooks, Open Peer Review, Open Source, Scientific Social Networks, Citizen Science

Open Science Tools

Open Science Tools: Refers to the tools that can assist in the process of delivering and building on Open Science. 

     Open Workflow Tools: Apparatuses and services that promote open scientific projects.

     Open Repositories: Open archives that host scientific literature and make their content freely accessible to everyone in the world.

     Open Services: Activities offered by organisations and institutions offered free of cost.


Open Science Tools Ltd.

Our Mission

To facilitate and promote Open Science with high-quality, minimal-cost tools

We support that Mission by the following Principles:
  1. Maintaining open practices and code ourselves, wherever feasible
  2. Generating sufficient revenue to allow our tools to be professionally maintained
  3. Doing right by our staff, by being a respectful and thoughtful employer
  4. Doing right by contributors to our open source code, by valuing their contributions and time
  5. Doing right by the larger community by creating high-quality, affordable tools, and nurturing a helpful, inclusive culture

PsychoPy is one of the most popular open-source packages for running experiments in psychology, neuroscience and related behavioral sciences. Built to be: 

  1. Precise enough for psychophysics
  2. Easy enough for teaching
  3. Flexible enough for everything else


PsychoJS is the JavaScript port of the PsychoPy library. The idea behind PsychoJS is to make PsychoPy experiments available online, from a web page, so participants can run them on any device equipped with a web browser such as desktops, laptops, or tablets. is like: 

  • Open Science Framework, except built with Git version control
  • GitHub for psychologists, except other psychologists will find your work
  • An experiment server, allowing you to run your study. Actually, it isn't a bit like that. It is exactly that!