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Fine Art: Referencing

The Fine Art Subject Guide is a launch pad for scholarly research in the field of Fine Art. Here you will find tips for searching the web more effectively along with annotated lists of primary and secondary source materials.

Harvard Referencing Style

Fine Art Department studentsat Rhodes University use the Harvard Referencing Style.

List references in alphabetical order in the Bibliography at the end of the essay

All Examples of reference types as detailed in the Fine Art Department handout


A reference to a book would include:

Author's name, initials. Date of publication. Title.  Place of publication: publisher.

Example:   Smith,  J. 1990.  History  of Mirrors:  an investigation  into reflected images inpictorial works of the Renaissance. London: Dent

Books: Chapter from a book of criticism/theory by a single author

For a chapter or essay in a book, you would include the editor and title of the book as follows:

Smith, J. 1991. 'Historical Mirrors',  in J. Bloggs (ed.) Reflections  in Art. New York: Ditton, pp. 22-94.

Translated book

If you have referred to a translated book, you should include the name of the translator as follows:

Lacan, J. 1994. Seminar 8. Tr slated by D. Briggs. Columbia: University of Columbia Press.

Journal Reference

For a journal reference, you should give:

Author's name, year, article title (in inverted commas), journal  title, volume number, (issue number if there is one) and full pagination for the article.

Example:  Smith, J. 1990. 'Mirrors in Art'. Art Quarterly 17 (3): 223-231.

Web Sources

The bibliographical form with Web sources is the same as with books and articles, except that you provide a web address where you would ordinarily include the book 's publishing details or the article's journal details. You should also indicate when you accessed the site.

Smith, J. 2004. More on mirrors. http://www .rellect'lbtog.comrmirrorstindex. Accessed on 4  Apri12008.


Interviews you have done should be cited by contents notes (see below) rather than via the so-called 'Harvard method'. In your note you would indicate, for example:

Interview with Joseph Smith, 15 April 2008, Grahamstown.

Guide to references

Extract taken from Fine Art Handout: