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History: South African History

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South Africa : Quiz

1.  Why was Dr Wouter Basson called "Dr Death"?

2.  "I will never ask for amnesty. Not now, not tomorrow, not after tomorrow"  Who said this and why?

3.  In which year was South Africa's commonwealth status restored?

4.  How many new provincial regions were created in 1994?

5.  Name the young American woman who was stoned and stabbed to death in Gugulethu in the 1990s.

6.  Name the SACP leader who was assassinated outside his home in 1993.

7.  Name the female musician/singer who returned to South Africa in 1990 after 30 years in exile.

8.  What does TRC stand for?

9.  Name the Mozambican President who was killed in a plane crash in South Africa.

10.What do the initials MK stand for?

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Liliesleaf : A Place of Liberation

Liliesleaf - Rivonia 1963

South African History Online

ANC Archives

History of Apartheid

Who was Steve Biko?

The Apartheid Museum

Drum Magazine

Answers to quiz

1.  He ran an apartheid-era germ warfare programme;   2.  PW Botha;   3.  1994;  4.  9;  5.  Amy Biehl;  6.  Chris Hani;  7.  Miriam Makeba;  8.  FW de Klerk;  9.  Samora Machel;  10.  Umkhonto we Sizwe.


The Sharpeville massacre

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Well known quotes - South Africa

“The Struggle is my Life”     Nelson Mandela

 "You are either alive and proud or you are dead, and when you are dead, you can't care anyway”   Steve Biko

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”   Steve Biko

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”   Desmond Tutu

“My father always used to say, "Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument." Good sense does not always lie with the loudest shouters, nor can we say that a large, unruly crowd is always the best arbiter of what is right”   Desmond Tutu

“I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands”    Nelson Mandela

“The perks of a new government are not really appealing to me. Everybody would like to have a good job, a good salary…..but for me that is not the all of struggle. What is important is the continuation of the struggle… the real problems of the country are not whether one is in Cabinet …but what we do for social upliftment of the working masses of our country.”   Chris Hani

“I … don’t doubt for a moment that the revolution will result in a nonracial society. I have just come from being a patient in Groote Schuur Hospital where they now have integrated wards. For the first time in my life, I have seen it working. The patients were mixed, the staff was mixed, and the medical officers were mixed; it was totally integrated. It was beautiful. White and black together. And it works. To me that is terribly exciting.” – Helen Joseph

" That morning, I awoke with a "sense of destiny – I knew South Africa would never be the same again but I also believed I was doing the right thing at the right time"  FW de Klerk

"Walk through the open door and take your place at the negotiating table"    FW de Klerk

"Just wait till de Klerk sits down with Tambo. They will discover how South African they both are!"   Desmond Tutu

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela

District Six

1976 Soweto Riots