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Citation Analysis and Research Impact: Web of Science and Research Evaluation

Accessing Web of Science Resources Remotely

Access Web of Science and InCites remotely.
Students, researchers, and other users can take advantage of remote access by logging into the Web of Science using the same credentials as if they were onsite. However, they must have previously registered their account while within your institution's network in order to gain remote access. If your institution subscribes to InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, your patrons can continue to use the resource from home, using the same credentials they currently log in with.

We have sent a message to all registered users to reinforce this point, and to provide tools like these to help them work through the details:

Getting started video
Quick reference guide

Web of Science LibGuide

EndNote Click (Formerly Kopernio)
Use a browser plugin to enable entitled, one-click access to your subscriptions.
The Web of Science platform also includes an indispensable feature that enables entitled users to gain one-click access to full-text PDFs included in your library subscriptions (as well as open access alternatives) from anywhere in the world. This is activated via the EndNote Click browser plugin, so users get access that fits seamlessly into their research workflows – and ensures access to the Version of Record directly from the publisher as well as open access alternatives.
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