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Article Processing Charges (APCs): Wiley

A guide to assist with the understanding of how Article Processing Charges (APCs) advance Open Access Publishing. The guide also covers Transformative Agreements with certain publishers

Transformative Agreements @Rhodes

The South African National Library and Information Consortium (SANLiC) has negotiated a Transformative Agreements with the Publisher. 

Click here:

1. For more information about the terms of the Transformative Agreement

2. To view the list the journal titles of the Journals that fall within this Transformative Agreement

The allocated free Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Tokens for this Transformative Agreement are managed by the Research Office.

Contact the Research Office for your APC and Token queries

Read more: RUL Scholarly Communication: Transformative agreements

Wiley Publishing Company

Wiley is a global leader in research and education. From a print shop in New York City to a global and digital presence, we’ve spent more than 200 years developing and fueling the world’s knowledge ecosystem. 

Today, our high-impact content, platforms, and services help researchers, learners, institutions, and corporations achieve their goals in an ever-changing world.

Helping researchers share their work with the world

By removing the barriers to published research, open access makes research findings available to everyone – driving forward the pace and strength of global innovation and invention.

Open access articles are freely available to read, download and share. There are a number of ways you can make your research open access with us – for details watch our video about our open access options.


Wiley Transformative Agreement

Transformational agreements allow researchers unlimited read access to a portfolio of journals, plus funding to cover Article Publication Charges when choosing to publish open access. 

See our "Where are Wiley's transformational agreements?" table for a full list of institutions and consortia that are covered in each of our transformational agreements.

Self-archiving (also referred to as green open access)

Self-archiving allows non-final versions to be hosted on a personal or institutional website. Submitted versions may be archived immediately and accepted versions after an embargo period. Learn more about green open access at Wiley on our Self-Archiving page.

What does a transformational agreement look like?

Whilst each TA is unique, there are some commonalities shared by many, for example:

1. The agreement term is set.

2. The agreements combine read access and open access publishing.

3. Many include open access publishing in fully gold and hybrid journals.

4. Most include a discount to the consortium or institution on the APC.

5. They cover research articles and reviews unless otherwise specified.  


With Wiley Open Access Accounts, APCs may be covered in full or part for affiliated authors publishing in Wiley fully open access journals or in a hybrid journal (subscription journal which offers open access). Visit the Hybrid open access page for more information.