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New Students and Staff: Getting Started at Rhodes Library: Computers, printers & technology

Welcome to Rhodes University Library - a dynamic place to visit! This guide has been designed to assist you to become familiar with both print & electronic resources and on-site & virtual services at the Library

Student IT Help Desk

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As part of the Student Networking service we offer a free, carry-in help desk service to students.

The Student IT Help Desk is located on the ground floor of the Library (next to the circulation desks).

If you need help with Student Networking, take your computer down to the Student IT Help Desk and someone will help you. You don't need to bring your monitor, mouse, keyboard or cables — only the computer itself (if you have a notebook, bring your power adapter too!).

Remember to ask Campus Protection or a friend to escort you if you're walking alone on campus at night.

The Student IT Help Desk is manned by student technicians who'll be there to help you at the following core times during University terms: initially during the Library's normal opening times.


Please note that the Student IT Help Desk is closed during University vacations. It may also be closed during examination periods.

Library Wireless HOTSPOTS


Is there WiFi internet access in the library?

Yes. You have WiFi access throughout the Library.

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Find out more about Wireless access on Rhodes University campus


Laptops in the Library

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Where can I use my laptop in the library?


There are desks with plugs throughout the library for laptop use.

Please note: We strongly advise you not to leave your laptop and/or other valuable personal items unattended as they may be stolen. We encourage you to use a laptop lock - available for loan at the Loans Desk on Level 1.

If you need help logging onto the network, please ask the Students at the Loans Desk on level 1 for help.

Printing, Scanning and Photocopying FAQs

What is Copyright?


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Copyright is strictly adhered to at Rhodes University.

To comply with the Copyright Act, you may:

  • photocopy/print only ONE article from a journal issue
  • photocopy/print only ONE chapter (or 10%) of a book.

How do I load money onto my printing account?

     You may use your ROSS account to load money onto your PRINTING/PHOTOCOPYING account. Alternatively, the cashier at the Student Bureau at Eden Grove will assist you.

Where will I find scanners in the Library and how does the process work?

     The photocopiers/printers on each level are also scanners Instructions are displayed to guide you through the process.  If you require any assistance, ask a Student Assistant or a Librarian for help.

     ‚ÄčReport any problems to either the Librarian at the Faculty Services hub, or the Student Assistants at the Information Commons