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Climate Change: What's new, definitions, etc.

2018: Global temperatures reach record

Human Dynamics of Climate Change

The impacts of climate change will not be experienced in isolation, but will affect humans in the context of the way we live

130 years of earth surface temperatures

53 Sources for Climate Change News

This resource shares 53 reputable outlets that provide breaking news, research and expert analysis of topics related to climate change.

Climate Change Denier Talking Points

Physicist John Cook (creator of Skeptikal Science) has done us a great service by posting good one-line responses and then updating them as the science evolves and as people offer better ways of phrasing.

The Discovery of Global Warming

The Great Warming - DVD series

Definitions & Reference sources


Skeptical Science: getting skeptical about global warming skepticism

Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation


Research on global warming and climate change

IPPC climate change report released: Sept 2013

95-99%: that’s the level of certainty that scientists have that humans are causing the world to heat up  (

Global Warming Debate

Global warming is too colossal of an issue to summarize on a whiteboard, but the way this guy divides the possible futures of humanity makes a lot of sense. 

Science Daily: Global Warming News


Arctic Sea Ice Resources

From the Goddard Space Flight Center: Scientific Visualization Studio

Newish books in the Library