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Copyright & Intellectual Property: Rhodes Digital Commons - Intellectual Property Rights

A Guide to define and explore the domain of Copyright and Intellectual Property

Rhodes Digital Commons and Rights Management


Rhodes University, either directly or through one of its affiliates, retain rights to all materials on the Rhodes Digital Commons and Rhodes University Hosted Journals, except where differently indicated

  • Rights ownership is normally stipulated in the “Rights Holder” field (MODS accessCondition (RightsHolder)), and conditions of use in the “Use and Reproduction” field (MODS accessCondition (Use and Reproduction)).
  • Use and re-use: All materials, except where otherwise indicated, are made available publicly for use and re-use in accordance with the stipulations of the following Creative Commons license:


whereby use of the materials is restricted to the sharing and adaption of said materials provided that:

  • Due attribution is given
  • The materials are not used for commercial purposes, and
  • Any remix, transformation or adaption of the materials be distributed under the same license.

Requesting use of materials


There are a number of entities managing intellectual rights at Rhodes University: