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Popular Reading: A

A collection of popular books chosen by students and staff

Abani, Christopher

Nigerian fiction

Abdolah, Kader

Dutch fiction

Abrahams, Peter

American fiction

Achebe, Chinua

Nigerian Fiction



Adams, Richard

British fiction

Addison, Corban

American fiction

Adichie, Chimamande

Nigerian fiction

Adler, Renata

American fiction

Adriaanse, Wilna

Afrikaans fiction

Agassi, Andre


Ai, Mi

Chinese fiction

Aidoo, Ama Ata

Ghanaian fiction


Albom, Mitch

American fiction

Alexander, Peter

South Africa

Ali, Ahmed

Indic Fiction. Muslim Fiction

Ali, Monica

British fiction

Ali, Shaida Kazie.

South African fiction

Ali, Tariq

British fiction

Altbeker, Antony

Anderson, Poul

Science fiction

Andreas, Neshani

Namibian fiction

Angelou, Maya


Archer, Jeffrey

Arnold, Peter

Asimov, Isaac

Science fiction

Astley, Thea

Auel, Jean M

Augarde, Tony

Azuah, Unoma Nguemo

Nigerian fiction