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Sociology: Sociology 1: Deviance (Term 3)

A guide to resources for Sociology

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This Course Guide is designed to provide you with access to supplementary course materials for Sociology 1 modules.

Sociology of Deviance course outline

Lecturer's name: Ms B. Sishuta

Sociology of Deviance 2020. Please find prescribed additional readings for your module

Anderson, E. 1990. "The police and the black male". In Anderson, E. (ed) Streetwise: race, class, and change in an urban community. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Chambliss, W.J. 1973. "The Saints and the roughnecks". Society. Vol. 11(1) pp. 24-31.

Conrad, P. and Schneider, J.W., 2010. Deviance and medicalization: From badness to sickness. Temple University Press.

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Jenkins, P. 2008. "Failure to launch: why do some social issues fail to detonate moral panics?". The British Journal of Criminology. Vol. 49 pp. 35-47.

Krinsky, C. 2013. "Introduction: the moral panic concept". In Krinsky, C. (ed) The Ashgate research companion to moral panics. London: Routledge.

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Masuku, T. 2005. "Strengthening democratic poling in South Africa: enhancing and coordinating the internal and external accountability systems of the South African Police Service". Research report written for the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. July 2005.

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Conrad, P. and Schneider, J.W., 2010. Deviance and medicalization: From badness to sickness. Temple University Press.

Brainstorming search terms

Remember, when you are given an essay topic, never put the whole topic in the search box. You need to brainstorm your topic by identifying keywords or search terms and use these keywords to do your search. This will help you to retrieve relevant results for your essay.

Examples of keywords/search terms that you may use:

Sociology AND deviance

Deviance AND "social construction"

Finding prescribed readings placed on Short Loan

Research process

You may impress your lecturer by consulting a variety of search tools, such as:

  • Search All - a discovery platform that searches across all library resources, such as books, journal articles and media etc.
  • Databases - use databases to find articles from scholarly journals, for example EBSCOhost (choose Academic Premier and SocINDEX), Google Scholar etc.

More prescribed additional readings for your Sociology of Deviance module

Bruce, D. 2010. "The ones in the pile were the ones going down: the reliability of crime statistics". SA Crime Quarterly. Vol. 31.

Bruce, D. 2002. "Police brutality in South Africa." From the report Police Brutality in Southern Africa - A Human Rights Perspective.

Bruce, D. & Neild, R. 2005. "The police that we want: a handbook for oversight of police in South Africa". Braamfontein, Johannesburg: the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.

Hamber, B. 1999. "„Have no doubt it is fear in the land“: an exploration of the continuing cycles of violence in South Africa". Zeitschrift für Politische Psychologie.

Holtmann, B. & Domingo-Swarts, C. (n.d.). "Current trends and responses to crime in South Africa". Crime, violence and injury prevention in South Africa.

Singh, D. 2004. "Violators and victims - a historical review of policing in South Africa after a decade of democracy". Acta Criminologica. Vol. 13(3) pp. 86-98.

Thomas, K. 2012. "The power of naming: 'senseless violence' and violent law in post-apartheid South Africa". Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape.

Nel, M. 2016. "Crime as Punishment: A legal perspective on Vigilantism in South Africa" Dissertation presented for a Degree of Doctor of Laws in the Faculty of Law at Stellenbosch University


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