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Referencing Guide for RU law students

What Referencing System should you use?

For information on the preferred referencing style for any subject, refer to that subject's LibGuide.


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else's work as your own, deliberately or by mistake. The material you use could be text, data, image, sound or performance. Your work includes essays and assignments (any, not just written ones),  projects, theses,dissertations and any work, such as a presentation, work of art or performance.

Plagiarism includes:

  • copying the work of another student with or without permission
  • using an assignment bought from the Internet
  • cutting and pasting text or images into your own work without referencing the sources
  • quoting or putting the work of others into your own words without referencing the sources

For more information -  see

The current Rhodes Plagiarism Policy and guideline is available.

" Most simply, plagiarism is intellectual theft. Any use of another author’s research,
ideas, or language without proper attribution may be considered plagiarism."

It is unethical and illegal to submit someone else's work as your own - it is the
same as stealing.