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Climate Change: What's new, definitions, etc.

2016: Global temperatures reach record

Human Dynamics of Climate Change

130 years of earth surface temperatures

Climate Change Denier Talking Points

Physicist John Cook (creator of Skeptikal Science) has done us a great service by posting good one-line responses and then updating them as the science evolves and as people offer better ways of phrasing.

The Discovery of Global Warming

The Great Warming - DVD series

Skeptical Science: getting skeptical about global warming skepticism

Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation


Research on global warming and climate change

IPPC climate change report released: Sept 2013

95-99%: that’s the level of certainty that scientists have that humans are causing the world to heat up  (

Global Warming Debate

Global warming is too colossal of an issue to summarize on a whiteboard, but the way this guy divides the possible futures of humanity makes a lot of sense. 

Science Daily: Global Warming News


Arctic Sea Ice Resources

From the Goddard Space Flight Center: Scientific Visualization Studio

Newish books in the Library